Thrive Through It Student Resilience Course

Are you ready for a science-based, skill-building tool that covers all the hot topics from the field of Positive Psychology and Resilience?

Are you ready for an easy, plug-n-play answer to the age-old question: How can we boost resilience, improve overall wellbeing, and help each individual student reach their full potential?

Thrive Through It's unique approach to student resilience is based on the 7 Building Blocks of Resilience and the research supporting these resilience factors as key components of a happy, successful, thriving college experience.

This self-paced, eight-module training features education and activities designed to increase students' understanding of the seven building blocks of resilience and offer tools to integrate them into their life:

  1. Goals and Purpose is a module that supports meaningful future thinking and how to pursue a purposeful life.
  2. Success Orientation is a module that promotes optimistic thinking and a growth mindset as tools to increase self-efficacy when faced with setbacks.
  3. Thought Patterns is a module that builds the practice of mindfulness, self-compassion, and gratitude to reframe negative thought patterns in order to face challenges with less struggle and more emotional balance.
  4. Nurturing Relationships is a module that encourages the cultivation and maintenance of positive emotions, empathy, and forgiveness to create more meaningful relationships.
  5. Mentorship is a module that explores one-on-one connections with a mentor for academic, career, or personal support and advice.
  6. High Achievement Expectations is a module that presents tools to increase awareness of strengths and expectations.
  7. Finally, Involvement and Engagement is a module that highlights the importance and benefits of belonging, flow, and altruism.

Introduction to Resilience

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